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Cold Milk Cup [pt. 2]

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  1. Yeah, I had a category 1 ticket to the final which was US$900 cost price. I booked TST7 tickets a year ago which follows a team (Australia) from group stage to the final, with that team replaced by whoever beats them, and then whoever beats them and so on. They were about US$3200 from memory. I bought a few scalped tickets to see Brazil, Argentina and Spain in the group stage which cost about US$100 each.
  2. I have now seen Germany three times for an aggregate score of 12 - 1.
  3. Were we watching the same match? Obviously we'll never know what would have happened if England had equalised, but Germany were so far above their standard that it looked like they were taking part in a training drill. England played well for a grand total of five minutes, which is when they scored their two goals. 4 - 1 was a fair result from that match.
  4. Germany vs England at Bloemfontein:
  5. Australia vs Serbia: Warm-up: The Green and Gold Army (actual name): One of the better signs I've seen from Australians: National anthem: Decided to reposition in the second half and struck gold. Cahill's goal celebration: And, now that Australia's out, this is what I'll be seeing next round:
  6. Looking like I'll be here until the final. I've got a TST7 ticket which means I follow Australia until they get knocked out, then follow the team that knocks them out, and then the team that knocks them out (and so on) until the final. Booting off to Nelspruit in the morning to attend the Australia vs Serbia match. Let's just hope that Ghana can get one past Germany or Germany spank the shit out of Ghana Ole!
  7. Australia vs Ghana at Rustenburg: Spain vs Honduras at Ellis Park:
  8. So, yeah - I'm over here at this shit. It's been fucking amazing so far, bar the 70 or so minutes that Germany spent gang raping my team. Here are a few flicks. I'll be in attendance at a fair few games to come (including the final), so I'll try to chuck some up here every now and again. The best thing of all time: Germany vs Australia: Brazil vs Korea DPR: Argentina vs Korea Republic:
  9. Yeah, I'm heading across to this shit. Got tickets to all of the Australian games, which is likely to be three, but anywhere up to seven. Would be happy enough if we come second in our group, which would most probably result in a match against England in the Round of 16.
  10. Hahaa! Come out for dranks sometime soon braaaaa.
  11. Celtic and Man Utd? Not the standard combination.
  12. Haha - please tell me that this is who I think it is. Did you punch Doobie Mack God in the face a couple of weeks ago?
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