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  1. bump to the wild legal wall & the orgasm full car
  2. hands down best crew to come out of texas maybe even the south
  3. to sick, easily one of my favorite writers today
  4. i heart texas 512 too doope bump. bump, bump
  5. usually i hate diet things but this fool is sick
  6. if you cant do graff on them whats the point?
  7. theres some pretty legit stuff here keep it up and i can see this scene getting pretty big in a few years
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco nekst jeloe and some crazy ass roof spots
  9. oh my god this is so stupid i wish i had a camera so i could post some flicks
  10. snafu owns shit,haha that dragon peice is fuckin ill! that crew is runnin pretty hard
  11. some nice flicks, some questionable damn i cant wait to see those red flat freights in action
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