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  1. Mad props on having the balls to consistently post quite possibly the most garbage pieces of legal wall bullshit I've seen over the last decade.
  2. wocka were dissing the five stickers you have up until you talk to us in person.
  3. awesome. thanks for sharing br0.
  4. Tyrannosaurus Sex


    i have a bianchi sport sx frame and love it. also those hold fast or whatever psudo-cages trash suede shoes pretty bad from what i've seen.
  5. that slek is some garbage. word up to the waly that's underneath it.
  6. stuff looks super legit. years back i worked as a scenic artist doing theater sets and really enjoyed it, hope it's that way for you.
  7. bitches definitely love smiley faces. i think i'll just make a mix of two live crew and prince that i'll give out to every girl i meet from here on out.
  8. you can't even legally drink yet, why the fuck are you worried about getting your life together?
  9. ^^right? used to bump this in high school super heavy.
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