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  1. bump any trede shit yo! Hit me up in Springtown trede, let's rock shit!
  2. big ups to TREDE & YEARS. Is KINK in the witness protection program now or what? where you at kink nasty holla at a kid lets wreck shit.
  3. Big Ups To all the Tucson cats puttin work in, from a former Mesa Az king....sixer one di3 crew.
  4. some dude mentioned that only two "legit" writers in springfield were kink and durag? you must have not seen any of 6ER ONE or SEZ shit! Both those dudes have all-star hand styles yo. 6ER is by far the best writer in springfield, obviously not the most up, but dude is by far got the best styles.
  5. keep on reckin shit kink one!
  6. Yo, Big ups to these LD cats shit is tight, looks like Mr. Kink one is getting his wild style piece shit rockin' too! Holler at me Kink Let's Bomb.
  7. Did any OFW cats used to write other names crews back in 1994? I used to bomb out in Zona before I moved. Shit is tight dude! Props to OFW. sixeronerism
  8. Nice to see some graff from my old stompin grounds I was wondering if any of the old school cats from the Mesa/Phoenix area like PHYSE POE PEZ SEVERE FUSE CIRE CREEP CIDE OBESE CES PHEST BUS BEST NOMED still reck shit when I lived in Mesa I rep'd DI3 and I seen a MEDIC piece posted I was wondering if thats the same cat that I used to write with? Homeboy used to write for RTC and SDS and recked shit with SEVERE.
  9. Any Missouri cats interested in bombin a piece book? Down here in Springfield theys only KINKONER and myself I want some more dudes in there.
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