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    damn i was about to say that whole thing but then i saw how you said that whole thing and now i guess i dont have to say anything. but yeah this fools right^ dopest ever found. def. the 'd' in tdm. 20 years ago. shat on this chill spot guy.
  2. ^^you sound stupid. keep this shit to you and your crew
  3. you should travel instead of posting 700 times in less than 2 years. go to europe. yep sounds gay and it is. fuck europe. but fool kills it all over
  4. so you know the guy in for real life?
  5. fuck i know im in the futur over here and it hella already rained today but i had the same idea and it was a no go. but dont trip it doesnt last that long so im going skatING when the rain drys up.
  6. its that boad boad its that boad boad! are you recording me?!?!
  7. youre watching way too much anime or something. you should re read the stuff you post you sound WHACKED
  8. stop saying whacked that shit really gets my panties in a bunch
  9. no dont bump it. anti bump all graffiti movies
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