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Everything posted by bustanut

  1. He should have tried this BURNING Slip'N'Slide!!
  2. "HEY SAPE WUZ DA POINT OF USIN PROPER GRAMMER WEN RITIN DOWN STUFF I DONT USE GUD GRAMMER JUST AS LONG AS ERYBODY KNOWZ WUT IT SAYZ WERE KU!!" Ughhhhhhh good god man this is amazing I picture a twelve year old girl at the other end of that computer.
  3. White cheddar rice cakes way too much Ultram The movie Airborne
  4. "Yo check out "Bomb the system" That shit is word! seriously that flick is what graf is about. the way the whole image is what graf is. It is a life form. it is what u want to get out of life. GRAF IS LIFE, SHOW LIVE WHAT GRAF IS AND WHAT IT WILL BECOME.........." Oh man this post just made my fucking day!!!
  5. Great movie funny as hell
  6. I am a bearded giant I don't pee in my sleep but I do tend to scream old lines from Mr. Belvedere "Wesley if you don't do the dishes I'll tell your parents about your Swedish bank account."
  7. Blood fart I need a place to sleep can I sleep on your couch?
  8. bustanut


    What did I tell you would I lie to you
  9. bustanut


    Let's Paint,Exercise,& Blend Drinks TV! Yeah this is pretty much the coolest thing you will ever see in your life
  10. What was blood fart's old name I remember seeing that "Hood Rich" tattoo like one or two years ago
  11. Whats the story behind this??
  12. Fucking amazing not sure if this has been posted before
  13. Main reason I don't like them is Bruce Dickinson's voice drives me insane it makes me want to rip my ears off
  14. I do have to admit their album covers are dope
  15. I can't fucking stand Iron Maiden I have no idea how anyone listen to this also all the trendy fucks I know are bumping this shit I hate when people listen to music because it's popular
  16. Oh man yeahwordson is a fucking retard!!!Never say shit to cops
  17. Re: What are you wearing? Spring break edition. Very gay
  18. I would like to make sweet love to blood fart
  19. it's trash I used it before did nothing
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