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  1. if you had one you might. i don't really understand the point of the thread though, so i must agree
  2. you can tether via usb by downloading the pda net desktop client @ http://www.junefabrics.com/desktop/ blackrain worked perfect for me on two diff phones running osx and windows 7.. the only thing is it doesnt give you direct access to your root files so someone wrot hfc2add (or something like that) available via cydia.
  3. this should be a poll...i vote iphone. Jailbreak that shit and youre golden.
  4. Wreck.One

    Mr. Clean

    thats what my job does.. and every so often they come up to our floor and get samples from random people. Im not sure what they would do if they found it though...
  5. oh ok, then throw it on him.. tell him we all said it was ok
  6. if the latte is from starbucks I wouldnt waste it. that is kind of expensive for a drink.. I would make a scene, yell at him so the whole class stops and listens to you
  7. I didn't go to work today, and I didn't call in either, but they called me to check where I was, and thankfully I am really sick
  8. Austin is pretty nice.. I graduated from UT, and learned a lot of things about south Texas I still think Fort Worth/ Dallas is better, but that is my home
  9. i thought black people only believed in black jesus..
  10. mederma for kids, its mild for that soft skin
  11. http://www.careerbuilder.com I have a job, but I am looking for another one.
  12. EEOC http://www.eeoc.gov/
  13. Thats what I am thinking. [regular] beat cops don't know that much about graffiti. It seems awful Ludocris that they would automatically assume that he was tagging with it. QUICK! SOMEONES RIGHTS HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED.. GET MARK ECKO ON THE PHONE.
  14. GAME 7..... EDGE OF MY SEAT.
  15. Fuji makes a small nice camera
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