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  1. holy shit. RIP Dave. a great contribution I suppose I'll have to dig out some wax for a bit of a tribute later.
  2. masterpiece is serious business.
  3. midwest OG's and some northern neighbors. well played.
  4. I'm quite sure most anyone who is down already knows.. WeFunk Montreal. Don't Sleep. http://www.wefunkradio.com/
  5. no shortage on the style. RIP Mirage
  6. nice benching. got some burners for sure. that Index for sure
  7. they did not have a right to take your paint. but you weren't smart enough to be able to talk your way out of it. you having your rights violated by the police is besides the point. that is their job. considering the fact that you were obviously parking in an area where the neighbors watch out for people like you... thats where you fucked up first. be smart enough about parking or dont take a car period. second.. if you are carrying supplies that could be used for graffiti, be smart enough to have a legit reason why. you can be slick talking and work it out. or you can have physical evidence stating why you have those materials. or both. if you are gonna roll with that stuff then having a story like being an art student (have a school ID) or owning a painting business.. is a key part of staying out of trouble. if you wanna go even further.. you could have supporting evidence to make your possession reasonable, and logical. it is really not that hard to manage. have a folio with some fully legit work in it. have a business card. have masking tape. you get the idea. dont be an idiot. I am not saying you are but use your brain. if you are in an area that gets painted a lot... dont be parking near peoples residences and leaving your car. just try thinking of your behavior from the perspective of an 80 year old person. have they ever seen your car? No. Are they afraid of criminals (like you)? Yes.
  8. somehow I fail to perceive the awesomeness that several pages of tags and roller fills generally confers on the simple minded. matter of fact everytime i see an "allbad" thread i pretty much prepare to be wowed with mediocrity..
  9. that colorful crizm.. got that fire!
  10. 13k? perhaps on the extremely high side.. for one thats cherry with no miles or already way built. on the other hand.. the extremely high side for the c2 would be 150k. I guess from my perspective there isnt much need to pay import fees for either car.
  11. thats kinda ignorant.. just sayin.. even the priceless nature of the vette aside.. just from a monetary standpoint. you could buy 15 "legit" 180's for the monetary value of the properly restored vette... thats pretty much like saying you'd take a stack of nickels vs 3 crisp hundred dollar bills.. just sayin. nothing to do with the cars themselves..
  12. old news... is old. thanks for the derail though.
  13. entrapping fools like jail bait with fake ID's
  14. glad to see some flicks from the GO. nevermind the quality. just a good twist on the usual. would like to see more installments in the future.
  15. it also makes you a guy who doesnt grab up on sleeze who keep a revolving circle of cock on tap for easy access. probably well advised.
  16. opaqe rocking the partial fillin.. oh the irony.
  17. right on man. thanks for the relatively garbage and new-jack free post. quality!
  18. interesting discussion. I think it depends on the circumstance. It's good to have trust.. but at the same time, the only thing I mostly trust is gut instincts. I find its useful to consider how you got involved with the person in question. People are creatures of habit.. so if you got in quick, easy, as a casual friend, or by accident.. then probably best to keep it movin. Not to say there cant be exceptions to that, but generally speaking. I probably wouldn't get involved in the first place with a lady who kept some guy best friends.
  19. everytime i look in here its pure burners. keep it movin
  20. Denver and Toronto and Montreal going off in the place
  21. far be it from me to have anything to say about someone i personally think is a jerk. its really the fact of hypocritical behaviors, regardless of who it involves writers get put on blast in the news paper sometimes, is it cool to post the links to the news story? not really. even if that person is a media whore.. its still toy behavior to propagate police info. even if its in the paper or elsewhere. this website is based around illegal behavior.. so posting police info here is toy. you guys feel free to continue!
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