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  1. man I thought I was gonna be productive and reach enlightenment and edit though thousands of photos. then I realized fuck that I dont want to do shit. Typically I work 50 hours a week and this has been the closest thing to summer vacation since I was in high school.


    overall Ive lost weight without hitting the gym or even going for a run. Ive lost all my gains I made when I was hitting the gym and I havent gone running at all but I figure once life gets some what back on schedule Ill just go back to being productive

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  2. on occasion a sewn on tag can be annoying but to be honest i just cut it off


    My biggest beef with t-shirts is what they look like when they fade i wear the shit out of mine and I have a couple t-shirts that just didn't fade well. For the most part my shirts are black but a couple faded into this whitish black color.


    that being said I haven't worn my oontz T's as much as those pretty dope and rather not ruin them 

  3. an acquaintance of mine had built a belly tanker to run at bonneville. I wish I had photo of it


    My car is moving forward unfortunately I have not been able to go up to my car due to our current situation but the work on it has continued and my homie has been keeping an eye on the progress.


    As of right now We are only shooting it with white sealer and the roof and spears will be painted the original sherwood green for the time being.


    I will be shooting it with white metal flake and aqua metal flake to add a little bit of dimension but that will have to wait until the following winter as I am not really in the position to dump more money into it being out of work. At that point I have another friend who will be teach me and help me with polishing all the stainless










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  4. 2 hours ago, 6Pennies said:

    Well, we skipped Fogerty.... Wife just was not at all comfortable going. 


    The concert was at an Indian casino and they get to ignore state mandates if they want.  No one gets a refund and the casino is still open for business....

    That fuckin sucks that they didnt reschedule.


    you missed out on a great show.


    A. Monroy

  5. 23 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

    ^^ I didn't realize the value in being a redneck until I got a bit older. @CALIgula@KILZ FILLZI used to be a city boi like everyone else in Austin.

    This shit right here



    hanging out with a bunch of farm boys and rednecks taught me I can use pantyhose or heavy duty zip ties as temporary belts on an engine in case of emergency.


    I also know a guy that cooks on his engine during long road trips

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  6. On 2/16/2020 at 2:21 PM, MitchThe$nitch said:

    Are orders delayed a few weeks? Ordered a couple shirts a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard a peep. 

    Its taken a few weeks from the time I ordered shirts to the time I received them. did you receive a confirmation? Ill try and look up my past orders and see how long its taken. 



    in the meantime ill tag @misteraven he may be able to get you a more accurate answer

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  7. 3 hours ago, Dirty_habiT said:



    Why people have big ol fat wallets that aren't full of cash (or are) is beyond me.  It reminds me of a woman with a giant purse that's full of shit that doesn't need to be carried around with you everywhere.

    Damn gif wont post 




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