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  1. Get back into the swing of things, some crits on the recent work. Tourch-Looks pretty sick, just straighten it up and make all the letters the same size. Aztek-go for simple straight letters like a keyboard. And some battle sketches.
  2. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2455/3985759179_b7a1c78fb4.jpg' alt='3985759179_b7a1c78fb4.jpg'>
  3. bumps to all. speicaly remio and honke
  4. its faze 1


    i second that statement
  5. its faze 1


    paster of muppets...lookin good.
  6. that revok stuff some pages back really made me laugh.
  7. that was the greatest post ever. too many to name. kem pepe sigh goul erupto nace vizie
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