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  1. peeped the expendables, predators, and "man of the year" brazilian flick this past weekend. all pretty good!
  2. It's kind of good that this french guy came along because it helps street artist keep there mojo. Funniest part of movie had to be when obey came to look at the MBW show, you could see it in his body language that he wanted to rip his eyes out! So whats MBW doing now?
  3. that high school bombing brings back some old memories!!!
  4. Cain doesn't have knock out power to stop carwin.
  5. god damn the new tuf is just getting under my skin!! when will this show evolve! That fucking match up chuck did was just retarded, side show bob vs a skinhead midget! god damn I got aldo this saturday with a tko over faber, don't get me wrong faber is the man. That cat has taking BJJ black belt out like they bought their belts. although aldo is freakish fast and those knees are straight crazy! If you youths want some current knowledge of mma go to mmajunkie and catch the radio show everyday.
  6. that bj quick rematch is a disappointment, especially when he was talking about moving up to the middle weights. Brock is going to get tko by carwin, and then brock will leave the ufc and fedor will take his arm and send him back home. Oh yeah, fuck the diaz brothers for that ghetto display of a bunch of neanderthals!!!
  7. i didn't know that this forum was about English 101 jackass!
  8. I bet any money your like this fool that use to watch boxing and is now into mma:
  9. i will stick with my guns and say silva is a straight crack head!!! Can't wait for the next silva fight vs chael, ethier he kills sonnan in the first round or does his antics for five rounds again. And if he gives everyone that shitty display of horseshit the prez is going to kick him to the curve!!! And for the record silva maia comes from a different parts of brazil so each one has different morals and ideas.
  10. straight crack head http://mmagifs.net/uploads/posts/2010-04/1271162445_mm5pus.gif
  11. all you fight pricks on here go to cage potato dot com and join the fight picker. I won like 500 chips from ufc 112 picks. Once you get a bunch of chips you can try your luck for some sweet prizes, last week they gave a way a sony flat screen, and some ipads!!! Oh yeah, silva must off been smoking some crack before his fight cause that nigga was tweaking hard!!! Fuckn crack head!
  12. I really hope chael beats the living crap out of silva, that guy is just down right retarded with his "trust me I'm a jedi" t-shirt! Damn it hendo wish you never left the ufc!!!
  13. both of those pieces are off the chain, I wish ewok would of done a little more of that gray stuff thats popping out of the bottom of the O and K. Rime outs side grafix are just plain amazing!!!
  14. Bowles is one little girl, faber with two broken hands stood in five rounds and almost won. Also cruz broke his hand and foot in the fight. What the fuck is going on with torres? nigga needs to stop hanging out with all those ecko new york fags and get in on a better training camp.
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