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  1. rest in peace to a real king
  2. Thats whatsup jesor got some crayons in the county. Tell him to hold his head up!
  3. e.s. taking care of business
  4. Newports are 5.35 at walmart in orlando? hell nah...
  5. :scrambled: :lol: Post some pictures modelcitizen. Post some classic street stuff when you get a chance. If you have any of the old e.w.s. stuff that would be dope. Or maybe some poamlands era stuff or some of the old tank/rael wilt stuff. Or even some venus n mars stuff. bump reel
  6. word! make moves orlando!
  7. bulk and veto thumbs up unfinished and its gonna stay that way....
  8. "the n4n's" on the metro!!
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