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  1. a lot of lousy fucking movies on this page
  2. Re: TEAM ALCO Just blamed a girly for not attending the party last wednesday like she promised. Apparently I was dancing with her all night... hahaha
  3. ignore this... A little late for the cops
  4. not that good really... but I still reccommend it
  5. Re: UFC 68 I don't know shit about ufc but here's one flick that says "sylvia vs. couture". it's pretty long. http://www.buzzhumor.com/videos/10146/UFC_68_Tim_Sylvia_vs_Randy_Couture Anyway I think whether or not there's any submission in a fight, they seem to often end in a knockout... at least from the fight's I've seen, even in submission the other guy winds up elbowing the other guy after 10 minute of slapping and twisting arms.
  6. a finnish magazine http://www.antisocialmag.net/
  7. Hey I need to find out if there's some easy and free osX software to make mixtape kind of shit with I only have to to crossfade(?) the tracks and make one big mp3 file, nothing too complex. Just so I can put on the CD and go drink beer at the counter instead of being a "DJ" I'm browsing through tucows.com and I think there might be something, but there's always some shareware crap with disabled save option. Obviously I'll start going through that shit but thought it would be better to ask here first,
  8. Re: Shit The Shit Thread Today again I realise I can't think straight for shit. this has been going on for about 5 years
  9. coolio. I just downloaded the fucker. edit: /nohomo
  10. hey hey I was just told a moment ago that the best software for macintosh music downloads is the program called "soulseeX" -supposedly best of the many soulseek imitations for teh macklingtosh any mac peeps confirm/disagree?
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  12. somebody plz upload 411 issue 13 to youtube. I used to see that shit over and over again at my friends house back in 1995, it would be a shitload of nostalgia for me. I's got Harold Hunter in rookies. oh well
  13. viperface

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    apply directly to the forehead
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