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Everything posted by viperface

  1. not a big fan, but the michael jackson episode is one I remember laughing at... AHH! UUHH-UHH!!! SHAMON-N UH! WHOO-OO!! :shakehead:
  2. parasitic worm contraction
  3. lolzmao @ the editing on these ads...
  4. get drunk and try to log in as abracadabracudaoner
  5. viperface


    madd homosexual entonces all over this thread
  6. all those skylines look corny as fuck. I call bullshit on every tall building in the world
  7. viperface


    yea butthat's just cus they're fake!
  8. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD this aint a goddamn highschool, people... this is a FUCKING WAR
  9. viperface


    yepp, they're for fake hiphoppers!
  10. sure some bitches get overrated in ch.0 but I'd still let lindsay have those lines off muhh dick and the point was that her boobage made SNL worth watching. to harvey wallbanger (if that even is his real name).
  11. viperface


    I never really understood what computer games have got to do with video. it's not like the games were ever even connected to the vcr.... maybe I'm a new jack or somethin
  12. so what're the top 5 reasons why peeps get banned? 1.nationality? 2. spelling?
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