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  1. congrats to Meeck for gettin down with AF.brotha is mad active in the game. while he's out there,paintin,you're here,bitchin...and that's word!
  2. this old man is painting today....so just sit back and think of something really creative to say.
  3. this is a graff site,everything else is irrelevant.MEECK gets up.his style is his own.you gotta show and prove to get down with Z,they don't just grab any chump who's in it for a minute. Meeck holds it down to the fullest.same for Retse.QUEST ONE
  4. i spy a US and UCA behind that funky whale.some 80's shit,right there...
  5. good to see Nakas' tags all around,still.people can talk all the shit they want about him, but the truth is he got up harder than most crews and racked more than all the crews put together.he's the realest muthafucka i know,hands down.
  7. OERA still goin strong!!! big up
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