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  1. Good thing you guys fixed that wall. It's sure not in disarray now. OKAY DOKAY
  2. I like comparing the president (any president) and any member of congress to Nazis. I think the Hitler analogy is played out though so I use Himmler. If Himmler doesn't feel right for the conversation (loud argument) I refer to the person as being "as bad as" Göring (or Goering). I'm not afraid to refer to a person's politics as "really fuckin' Chinese if you ask me" either.
  3. FMK is a really awesome, prolific and respected crew in Paris. So cool to see that they've started adding new members in Virginia.
  4. "You don't have to tell me twice" -Dicko MC
  5. I know what the word means. You put it in the wrong context. It is incongruent. Your grammar is toy son.
  6. Nobodys's an idiot, sourpuss. Don't type out your frustrations.
  7. The word "purveyor" doesn't mean what you think it does.
  8. a lotta niggas ain't scared... after 400 years of this shit
  9. I've got a paper bag for you to fight your way out of.
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