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  1. oi eels can you stop postin stuff without the person's permission
  2. ophoe

    STAK tfp

    dude got the best clr scheme
  3. can you please not post up particular people's work up, it be appreciated that his doesnt have his stuff all over the net thanks:)
  4. I was and still shocked from the News. Good old bug was just humble and chilled writer he wasnt a king nor big headed but just a really cool writer that would always be out on the drinks somewhere. Every time we saw his weird up side tag we always said wtf is that but always crack up by his unusual behaviour. A character, a writer just importantly a Perth writer i was fortunate to hav painted and bombd wit the guy after pub missions and glad we all enjoy our drinks when in Melb. i Still smile when lookin back at when you're were all crash out in a one room flat lol. Much respect 2 bug you be
  5. taken in northam or something but hopefully northam is still counted as perth, anywho ere a piece done by keds
  6. that impressive, who ever did that nice work:))
  7. damn alot of nice stuff on here:))))
  8. how ever that pedo kid is he got a good style throwups are pretty fresh
  9. damn!! theres been some quality stuff happening lately nice stuff
  10. couple page back with the rft rooftop. those walls are shit does nothing but soak your paint.
  11. can you take the city farm pic off here thanks:))) unless you're one the dude with us i see that ladder hah
  12. to who ever started that legal topic. fuck you i dont see you's out painting the walls stop your complaining over the internet. those that have their pieces on legal walls are still doing tags throwies and illegals and what have we seen of yours nothing. we got the spots haha so fuck you.
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