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Mayor Bill Campbell

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  1. That purp Migee at the top is moving...really fresh.
  2. lol people are funny. love ya bro.
  3. Worrrrrd. "Yores" was doing damage in the A around that time. I see what you're saying. And I didn't clarify for a reason....those who need clarification don't really need to know, dipshit. But thanks for the look.
  4. No shit Columbo...the evidence is in the file name. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. No, I'm pretty sure he was thinking YOER...:D
  6. One of the best straight letter games in the business...
  7. I'd like to see an 08 Cast with the trademark upside-down A... And whatever happened to this cat? (Rhetorical) ^Michael Jackedson^
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