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  1. I love my mom too... She used to catch tags in ladies restrooms for me, "%#*@#'s Mom". That was until my grandma caught her.
  2. I'm telling yall, its all about the dried Mangos... Or Mangoes as i believe they arer called.
  3. .88

    Backstabbers 101

    Beware of those...
  4. I'd reccomend... Brother Ali: Shadows Of the Sun M-1: Confidential AZ: A.W.O.L. Ghostface: Fishscales Sean Price: Monkey Barz Fort minor (If your into that kinda stuff) Most arent brand new releases (they are recent) but have a similar vibe to some of the above mentioned... But right now I'm all about that Dipset Bird Gang sound!
  5. That sucks... At least you get a new one.
  6. I just got my co-worker on the cow drinking milk thingy... I think I may try a few of the others when i go out. Cheers!
  7. Ima hit up the Vietnamese connect for some "Pho Thịt chó"... I don't know, i might try dog if I went to Vietnam.
  8. ^^^ It wont let me edit? But I lied... That Amaze is def. a flick I took. You can see the difference in quality and angles and all that jazz. Copy and paste in photoshop and notice the white border as well... Chuch! * Who cares... Sorry, carry on! Oh and nice imagry Phunk.
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