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  1. damn im lovin that chuck norris shot.. makes me wanna rub balls.... whos wit me?? im bout to take a cold shower on that note
  2. chuck norris' body looks soooo hot... damn... makes me wanna rub nutz.... whos wit me???
  3. eyyy OBE hollar at me. peace... AWER RTDK.
  4. i still need to do your sketch ways, ive been lazy:cool: :cool:
  5. havent sketched in a minute hopefully this made up for it
  6. those Gime canvases are sick.
  7. very nice ways... i still need to finish the sketch ive been working on for you. peace. awertdk
  8. sorry to burst some peoples bubble here.. but theres no such thing as originality........ its all been done before.. everyone has their influences. everyone bites.. stop trying to say.. "OH I DONT BITE IM ORIGINAL FUCK YOU" if you dont realize you bite. or are greatly influenced. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF.. can i get an AMEN....
  9. ahhahahahha i love the kiddies.......:scrambled: :scrambled: :huh:
  10. ahhaahhhahhhahh hecz is funny...
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