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  1. is it my gay? I though it was your gay, or maybe it is your gay and you're just a sub par speller......bump graffiti!
  2. racism in Portland is sub-par, anybody got flicks of yarn bombing at least? ;)
  3. lulz, fucking screw, can anybody even name what that is? how hes tucking letters into each other.......well I guess I kinda answered my own question but FUCK that shit is awesome.
  4. yup, seriously satisfying graffiti right there, thank you guys for flicks
  5. the paper looks kinda nice....
  6. Confirmed awesomeness here, that in the buff shot cracks me up
  7. no wait, wait, ....totally not sorry for that one
  8. hey IBD you guys got GREAT talent, keep on keepin on
  9. gonna have to say a new fave of mine, great stuff!!!
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