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  1. very little in graff ISNT "cannabalised". Smash has "cannabalised" plenty. Its classic letter structure used for decades now, with his own twist on it. Same for askew, classic letters with his own twist. How about that fanboy?
  2. yeh, the white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, lush rain forests, snowy mountains and perfect weather really makes life difficult for us. :)
  3. word to that. How do you spell Smash? E.G.O. of course! :)
  4. .....the smash 137 interview is fucking stupid.
  5. Originally Posted by Z08405C (View Original Post) i think banos don't do this panel in B.E if NEAL wasn't with him http://www.ilovegraffiti.de/de/2009/07/13/secuencia-magazine there is no neal pieces next to this piece? what does that mean?:D
  6. theres probably multiple people writing Screw in europe. i think youll find a lot of europeans wouldnt have even heard of the american screw. its not being ignorant, many just dont care about checking the internet to find out whos doing what over there.
  7. coming from someone who thinks snarls "pushing boundaries", classic...
  8. some might consider h20's stuff "unconventional", ...while it might not be totally original its definatly "breaking the mold" as you say. hence the reason this discussion began... at the end of the day if your writing to get the thumbs up from other people your doing it for the wrong reason. its about having fun.
  9. hold on a minute, back to the topic of letters. you honestly believe the piece on the right is not "rubbish" ???? even if you disregard the bullshit squiggly lines that make up the general structure of each letter, it is very very shit
  10. i think youll find no body was dissing any pioneers of anything, that would be stupid. they were dissing people that time and again fall back on the same arguement that "we gave it to you, you should be greatful" when what have they done themselves? probably nothing. its like they expect respect for something someone else has done. thats not gonna happen unless you continue what "they" started.
  11. well done on the whole train, respect and all but selling tshirts ??? thats riding it a bit far. YER_GAY were you around "back then" ?? if not, why are you even mentioning it
  12. "I for one would regulary patrol the lines with a hammer or some other tool and stick up writers"....you sad motherfucker. seriously,is that all you life amounts to? you at most might get a couple cans and a disposable camera.....thats pretty retarded:lol: :confused:
  13. you fucking retard. im sure theyd love to "hook" up with you now that you approve of their style. 10 points buddy
  14. Re: writers in action! its real. getting bustd on a clean train would be very minor compared to getting caught there
  15. Re: Wholecars part 2 get that freight bullshit off...not even a wholecar anyway
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