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  1. sorry, just realised your user name. fought graff lives was being a racist cunt
  2. white trash? go suck your mum you wannabe malcom x
  3. everyone knows who it was, seeing as its "your yard" your obviously not in the knowhow if ur clueless
  4. hahah someone thought they had like 10 mins
  5. all you gays out there. dont try and tell me that hundreds of panels get done now day. this yokel cunt trys to call me shook. im on the lines everyday. i see a panel once a month. ok there was a panel on the diccys the other day. first one i or anyone i know has seen running in fucking yonks. a lot of toy shit anyway. am i supposed to be dazzled.
  6. call me old fashioned but you have to earn a right to go into tube yards
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