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  1. I don't know if there is already a thread for this and am to lazy to search, but what the fuck. Is anyone else the slightest bit annoyed by the fact that hipster/sceansters rock the 'gangster look' 59/50 caps. Shit I was on top of my game long ago with those caps because I acctually watch baseball, now I can't even walk down the street/ go to a party without seeing a million emo bitches with there stright brim to one side and bangs to the other, FUCK it just makes me kinda mad. Sorry if this thread sucks.:mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. I tend to avoid them too, seein how i enjoy pussy hahah, but seriously yeah its fucked up cause i have no idea what happened, I think some fool hit me from behind and kept going, wack shit ill try and get the flixs up on friday, check back. And as for vicodin not getting you high, haha shit im floatin son you musta got a wack pill, two or three and im straight , but yes alcohol does intensify the effect.
  3. So yeah im hella bored because saturday night on my ride home from the bar, im not to positive what happened but somehow I either got doored or hit from behind causing my face a great deal of pain, and about 100 stiches/ plastic surgery, but hey im high on vicodin.. heh:scrambled: Just out of boredom and curiosity how many stiches have some of you had in your head/ face? Whats considered alot? Any flicks? I'm trying to get the Surgen to email my flicks to me on friday after I see him, there pretty sick looking.
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