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  1. Haha.. Dudes gotta eat, right?
  2. Nas- Illmatic Biggie- Ready to die Jadakiss- Kiss of death Tupac- Resurrection Re Up Gang- We got it for cheap vol.3 Lil wayne- The carter 2 + Suffix Viktor Vaughn- Vaudeville Villain Jedi Mind Tricks- Violent By Design
  3. i havent smoked in forever and then this happened These two are priceless. -Tokes*Piff*Daily
  4. Bame obviously taking it to another level
  5. Satire Cool concepts but Your letters are weak and Premium learn how to draw a clean line. That scroll is the only decent part of your sketch. Demand better from yourself before you try to correct others *edit: James is on point though
  6. That outline is a little old. I'm not digging it to much either This is more recent, but don't worry you still don't have to like it.
  7. That Etips outline is from another planet, really diggin the upper/lowercase E
  8. Eating that shit never works for me, so I gave up on trying. P.S. If you're going by the store grab me a vanilla.
  9. Such a fresh style this guy has developed over the years.
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