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    http://cgi.ebay.com/NIKE-AIR-ZOOM-DUNK-SB-FC-9-5-US-8-5-UK-RARE-BARCELONA_W0QQitemZ7769981638QQcategoryZ63850QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ebay barcelona fc zooms
  2. hott fliks what kinda camera u usin pushbutton?
  3. Re: Splinter in The Shitter so women can get a clean shave and some vibrator action at the same time
  4. u shoulda started off better than that
  5. a nun falling down the stairs, are there anymore? a newspaper, isnt it read all over?
  6. while scrolling kinda fast it looked like "always fucking kids??? had to second look that one:rolleyes:
  7. who has the most post on 12oz? some one should make a thread for that
  8. what kind of wood do lesbian construction workers use............... tounge and groove
  9. Oliver Clothesoff


    nike id looks like to me
  10. Oliver Clothesoff


    i had these at one point got them for 45 and sold them on ebay for 75
  11. Oliver Clothesoff


    raven those are nice i like the brown ones
  12. Oliver Clothesoff


    yeah they fit tight i went and bought them with out tryin them on and wish i got a half size bigger. they are tighter than all my other shoes to answer your questions
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