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Everything posted by boxcarrapist

  1. Fuck it smash, standards are for pussies.
  2. Smash only if she is the first lady. Senators wife, nah Ill pass.
  3. Lol false Tpbm WOULD have sex with Vaj.
  4. Yankee Doodle went to town a-ridin’ on a gopher Bumped into a garbage can and this is what fell over: Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts, Mutilated monkey meat, chopped up parakeet. French-fried eyeballs rolling down the street. Oops, I forgot my spoon! So they gave me a split-splat, pus-on-top, Monkey vomit and camel snot, All wrapped up in birdie poo, So eat it, 12 oontz, it’s good for you! With vitamin C, and protein too And don’t forget the doggie doo!
  5. True TPBM thinks b'owl's bowels would be a delicacy in India.
  6. Snoop has been irrelevant to me since at least 2000.
  7. Some tumbleweed flakes and some crumbs from my cinnamon french toast sticks
  8. Wait did you take a picture of your screen, upload it to your own Flickr account just to post that weak ass meme? Instaed of just right clicking > copy image location and then posting it here? Nonsense.
  9. I had to log-in, to log-out, to log-in just to neg you for that. Caution Juggalo skust in that link.^^^
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