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  1. leviathan

    Do Work

    I bet that epic story went something like this: snafu: Gafl, look, the line is pulling out. gafl: fuck, snafu.. you're right. snafu: darn. exciting huh
  2. that ether isn't fake, get a fucking life.
  3. whats up with that "you go girl" shit? they did some shit in the ghetto in my city and it was kind of wierd for an outta towner to go there.
  4. post some old Sips pieces if you have them please.. I remembering looking through someones photo books a few years ago and seeing tons of ill burners from that dude. I'd like to see them again.
  5. crazy. I saw that red con autorack sitting in a spot when i was in colorado about 6 years ago when I was on a tour.. those twist tags were in the same spot. I bet they never moved.
  6. aw man that YEN34 was a fucking classic. you fucking gaylord toy.
  7. owie has to be the gayest name i've ever heard in my life.
  8. i love how the last of the night worst scrappiest shit you do is always the shit that ends up on here.
  9. whoa is that an old ass heat/vent26??
  10. is that egs/ket/smart recent? don't see a date.
  11. why didn't you flick that REN? dude is king.
  12. wow i've never seen those green trains before.. classy as fuck.
  13. I hate this because: 1)people paint this garbage.. and 2) people give love to the toys who paint this garbage by posting it online. the combination of these things really lowers the bar that was actually set pretty high not too long ago. sad.
  14. I never understood people who have day spots but just do stamps. Lace shit proper! I give this guy a ton of credit though, he's a beast.
  15. writers not from the north are pussies with weather shit. end of story.
  16. caught a 'read more' tag in a tucked away corner of the basement of strand books in mahattan. I love this dude.
  17. please stop posting buffalo stuff all over. you are not down with those people, nor will you posting the same old, old, old, crappy flicks of their stuff make you down with them. just stop.
  18. the reefer noise is a nice memory but sketchy when you're actually in the yard. I've had situations where it prevented me from hearing gravel crunching and almost getting rolled by workers. Shit sucks.
  19. is that dude velcro an MUL associate? Looks pretty similar.
  20. I'm not trying to fuel any side of the arguement. This puzle clearly gets it in on the technical level and has obviously paid dues.. but to all you aussies who don't really care or keep up with american graff because of the general level of wackness over here.. Puzl KYT DTC is a real deal gritty ass street king and has been for a long time. Don't sleep.
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