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  1. painting the same legal walls over and over isn't impressive. kthx
  2. Don't be a hater! Who doesn't love the KFC famous bowl.
  3. okay, is there a way for me to put a poll in this thread? I don't think so but I may be wrong. For whoever asked how it happened, it's a really shitty story. This lady was asking about a coupon and went to put a 10 lb. bag of dog treats on top of our hamster tank. What she failed to realize is that the tank doesn't have a top. The yet to be named hamster was enjoying a little lunch in the food dish when the treats crushed him wile e coyote style. He's only about 7 weeks old, so his bones aren't really stronger than a person't fingernail would be so he suffered some kind of spinal cord injury and that adds up to him never being able to use his legs. he usually drags them but sometimes they will flop a little bit. It's really sad but it's hard not to laugh at him at the same time. He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore and he does all of the normal things that hamsters do. mainly he just sleeps a lot and digs. I'm going to get him a wheel and one of those little hamster balls because even though he can't really go nuts on either of them, he needs exercise more than most hamsters do because he has a lot more potential to gain weight. I can't believe this thread made it to 3 pages. The hamster is happy to accept the nomination as official 12oz mascot.
  4. okay here are pics of the little guy... so far I'm really liking hamstopher reeves crazy legs boogie legs Lieutenant Dan and it might be a lock for 1 of the 4. keep it coming.
  5. crazy legs is definitely up there. this is why i come to channel zero for advice. keep em comin
  6. well, it has hind legs, they just drag behind him. I am thinking of building a cart so he can roll around but I'm not sure how to go about it.
  7. so yeah, I work at a pet store and I have this hamster that is paralyzed from the waist down, basically. I took it home because no one is going to buy it. I'm trying to think of a name that somehow relates to the condition of the hamster, whether it's in good taste or not. I don't really care that much.
  8. Well, I don't plan on retiring off of my hot wheels and I don't drive myself crazy. I just spend a lot more time in the stores and at yard sales, usually buying other folks' abandoned collections. I remember getting that vw bus. I didn't even know what it was at the time and after I found out I never saw another one and I had already opened mine. oh well.
  9. yeah, I'm all caught up so far. I've wasted a ridiculous amount of money getting them though and the only one I really like so far is the vw convertible.
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