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  1. grandma would have said thongs and knickers
  2. yall are all wrong... thats an rfid tag... slapped that shit on there so she'd be embar assed walking out of petsmart.
  3. Bump young toes on the come up. Plus everythang else..good post
  4. Internet is fucking hilarious. I couldn't make this shit up. 9 of every 10 that post on here SUCK. Like, one through ten, you're stuck at 2, suck. Quit talking shit on the internet. Better yet, just get off the internet all together. Go put paint on walls and meet other writers "IRL" like a normal fucking person. Guess what? The best writers I've ever met, I didn't meet them by e-bragging about my hardcore flashlight taggin and posting my garbage crew's art project high school newspaper article bullshit, but at the bench, the rack, the spot, the show, hiding from the same helicopter, et
  5. I didn't tell you nuthin, keep my name outcha mouth zorb lords haha pretty much everyone knows he's TKO WH MOMS LTF TD4. pass it on
  6. teamsters local 391 come to work drunk and keep your job
  7. oh an u DO know that fowl used to date timber??¿¿ holler at my mfk connects video n spud yo i got a nu recruite 4 u, king LOSA mFk LORDS cru.. blastin off shots at dem TKO LORDS busters
  8. ain't listerine dawgy it's dat one off dollar store drank.. str8 alcohol wit a minty twiss
  9. Bump MOMS/LORDS (they basically the same thing, didn't yall know?) bump Roger P, both Bill's B and C, and bloody wishes for doing his garbage graffiti better than most for long as I can remember This is the dumbest internet graffiti beef I've seen. ever
  10. naw u fuck up u fuck up baddd
  11. ruinr got the place ruined and lots of this around ^^^
  12. BAM BAM Have a nice dream
  13. Hey yall cool down, it's all good they messaged me: " some assholes wrote surenos 13 all over this and we saw it and were like "hell nah not to woem and moms" so we went over there shit to 'have your back' cuz gang shit is retarded graff please explain all that to celm and woem so no beef starts, we were just disgusted to see gangbangers go over legends"
  14. Heh... Good stuff b that wall is funky
  15. leder.green light now begin and some sicr kolun macro action from my model train set
  16. Yup, only goes to further perpetuate what, at this point, is only allegations. Welcome to the rumor mill, pull up a chair Dorris.
  17. should've seen all this graffiti. even seen a BA sicr sicr jerx fowl. double sicr that's right right. but then the engine rolled up and I had 2 dip
  18. Didn't realize adults actually say "BA". Honest mistake. I knew a chick who would say IDGAF out loud. Wanted to gag her.
  19. If it wasn't obvious enough how it clearly reads GH, the fact that those aren't BA heads should give it away... ill
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