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  1. nice guys… should have mine today.
  2. Nice mone, when is this due?
  3. I'll take my time on the next one. But for sure Mone, no contest.
  4. Bored at work… jk, i dont work.
  5. http://gyazo.com/9feea5728518aa60c60de73c38208eb0
  6. Super sloppy, i'm coloring outside the lines, the aura is going over the outline in many places, the background grays are not blended right 3d is off in some places, i used the wrong "dark" green for the fill in… etc etc etc.:D
  7. ayo, how can I get in on this rotation?
  8. Name exchange with some dude named Acrez from the Uk.
  9. Hello 12oz... long time no see.
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