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  1. I Beleive you're wrong on that buddy..I know the names signed off on the bottom..
  2. Sounds like mr. caulfield is bout to catch a hot one..
  3. at least he entertained ya'll for a while, jus hope he didnt get to close to ya and spill your life story to Matt
  4. "herion" how cute. LOL... Fuck koer, jus for the record. Knew he'd be a talker..loose lips
  5. ^^Exactly, Phoe & Keptoe lookin real nice
  6. Bump tuanie takin flicks in West Linn...
  7. ^^^ Comin from the OG Criddler himself...LOL
  8. Ouch...you got me, i forgot you touch every corner of this town, and see everything that gets done..I dont take flicks, and certainly dont think its smart to post your own shit either...But I forgot, 12oz is a perfect representation of what goes on everywhere in Portland, if its not posted on here, it didnt happen
  9. And if you wanna call names, the proper term for someone with down syndrome is "mongoloid" you asshole
  10. If you wanna catch me, look for me hoppin out my "SCCRAPPPPERR" at the Yuk show you bitch..
  11. I dont ride busses, like you broke fucks...
  12. I dont think im anybody, I cant hold a candle to trogg!
  13. Ya know? Like you and your buddy chue, get together, and do a real ill production, show fools what its like to be a true artist
  14. Being strung out is dope, just ask half of your new "family" LOL...You fucking chump as generic "graff writer"...Why be a graff writer, when you can be a internet beef superstar, dont you have some MSK's to be heckling at? Or maybe you should just go BURN Revok, and help him figure out if he wants to be a celebrity or a writer...
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