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  1. i will never forget about you my nigga !
  2. R.I.P MY BROTHA SKOP ONE AWC TFO TDM- Hate to put this here, but i couldn't think of better way of sending out the news to those that knew him painted or simply chill with him, this is sad news i lost my nigguh, my left hand nigga on everything it fucking sucks loosing a freind so close to you! now i know what its like. Stop for a second!, step back and appreciate life while you have it my freinds! REST IN POWER MY NIGGA SKOP 1!!!! YOU WHERE A KILLER AND DOWN ASSS TO EARTH AS HELLl!!!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED AND NEVER FORGOTTEN :'( ESCOPETA!!!!!!
  3. Where the fuck is spain at Eas?! haha
  4. ARRIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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