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  1. Going to take down the remainder of the sheetrock tomorrow and deal with the electrical. Probably leave the existing framing up for a week or so……pops is cheap but we aint banging shit out quick.
  2. Anybody else hella hard on themselves- I worked hard as fuck today, implemented a new system at work, advocated against some fuckery - was told I have the aptitude to be a director. Holding down a mortgage (CA) solo and handling all the household solo, pretty good dad. Handled hella heads at jiu jitsu this evening. Yet I am over here telling myself consistently that I am not living up to my expectations or not good enough…… Fuck man. I guess I need to either research some self help shit or get back into therapy.
  3. They only had White in my size. Couldn’t resist nearly 50% off.
  4. @One Man Banned yeah dude that is really rad - major props. Is rescue a part of your actual gig or just a good guy thing? Props.
  5. @mr.yuck it will run along the line we snapped and we will sheet rock/edge it. It will hopefully end up looking similar to the current but just way more open space.
  6. The new beam will run about 14 feet and will rest on the remaining wall to the right and the bit to the left of the door that juts out (cant see in picture). The wall on the right will end right at the start of where the opening is now. Snapped line will be the new height, should be open enough for a nice table or island with seating/cabinets.
  7. @mr.yuck yep - we will put up a temporary wall when we complete the tear down and then run a new beam.
  8. Started a project today with my pops - let’s hope we get done by Labor Day. Basically removing this wall to open up the Kitchen area. Will push into my living room space and allow me to have a real dining table area. The bar/counter wasn’t being used and basically was only a place to pile crap.
  9. I love strip clubs too. This thread is basically what smash or trash needs to be……. Horrendous hoes.
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