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  1. Good to see REZIST, HOA still strong. Shouts out to 125ER, liking that west coast flavor. Hope everyone had a nice summer. Stay safe boys and girls...
  2. Great photos Al. My buddy rivs apologizes SOMA. That wall looks so much better now, nice clean up. Good stuff.
  3. "Was that an old some on there?" It was dissed. It was all dissed. Thanks for the flicks Al and everyone else that posted flicks really appreciate it.
  4. saw this on 495 yesterday.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJo675-NTbQ
  6. criminals in action, a mixed metaphor allows the use of like or as, but i think simile is what you were looking for.
  7. apologies kaos, I have a tendency to use metaphors with an extreme shock value. I still think it is a suitable comparison for the most part.
  8. I think graffiti is much better these days. I dont see why style reflecting a location is important. Thats like saying people cant breed between races because you will globalize all races into one and no one will look different.
  9. Yungun, your acting really immature.
  10. That shit is hilarious Cast! Who dat? Who dat? guy broke out the M4!
  11. *long whistle with googly eyes.
  12. Http;//?Demon202-(cens0red)-datalink.eRRor,filenotfound:ReBoot:RUN//PG-13...
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