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  1. ihate12ozprophet.com


    Real niggas get unemployment and ebt (food stamps)
  2. ihate12ozprophet.com

    What Are YOU Wearing Version 189378129739817

    ^not my bad ass sheets ^probably not the same and certainly not in my b-boy stance ^moon boots
  3. ihate12ozprophet.com

    game: write a 2 chainz verse

    I'm Over seas up in her ovaries had to tell my old bitch MOVE OVER PLEASE
  4. ihate12ozprophet.com

    game: write a 2 chainz verse

    getting scrambled in a two seater deep in your girl call me egg beater
  5. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Made U Look

  6. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Favorite Flickr Flicks..... Again

    yay :)
  7. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Favorite Flickr Flicks..... Again

    only thing "cool" about this picture is that its a tropicana...this pole smoker and his buddy took the idea from goner and repae
  8. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Made U Look

  9. ihate12ozprophet.com

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    instant winner
  10. ihate12ozprophet.com

    South Florida (A New Dawn)

    yeah broooooo him cope2, revok and daim all share an apartment
  11. ihate12ozprophet.com

    hello my name is biased

    utah asic stue and that cryo
  12. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Irrational Fears . . .

    bums heights open doors on boxcars
  13. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Made U Look

  14. ihate12ozprophet.com

    Bands you have seen live

    my mom took me to aerosmith when i was like 6
  15. ihate12ozprophet.com

    benched god fucked your bitch

    bumping yourself is lame