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  1. 18 hours ago, Pistol said:

    Just got tattooed yesterday by BJ Betts. Got my daughter’s name on my arm. Dude was the coolest most humble guy. I’m not a talker when getting tattooed. But we ended up talking like old friends getting together. Flew across the country for a less than one hour tattoo. Wouldn’t change a thing. 


    He is one of the best.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

    Any of his other work jump out in your memory as especially good? I haven’t really thought about reading American Psycho much but saw it in a used book shop and almost got it. 


    If you want to read American Psycho you should also read Less Than Zero and Rules of Attraction because there is intersecting characters and they’re all pretty quick and easy.

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  3. His character was a kid in a wheelchair on the next gen Degrassi High.  Way back when Victory Light was a blog MERO got him with a pretty good burn about that but I can't remember exactly how he phrased it. 

  4. @ndv Yeah, I see your point, and I sort of addressed that by pointing out that these stem/tech CEOs having spent no time in the humanities being an issue because they don't see the value in it.  IMO there is never going to be a time in human endeavour where we lose our capacity for emotion, feelings, creativity, nuance, etc - the idea of things like phones/tablets/computers etc doing the mundane tasks for us like organizing a phonebook or your schedule in theory frees up time for one to draw, read, think, touch grass, whatever.


    Maybe this is a uniquely American perspective because to put it bluntly, your country and society is so entrenched in the rat race that sometimes you guys don't see there can be a bigger picture or a better way.


    These CEOs like Altman, Balaji, Elon, etc also way overestimate the capabilities of their tech.  They aren't able to take criticism and they routinely have been told they are the smartest guys in the world.  How many times have we seen silicon valley disrupt something only to have just re-invented it but shittier? 


    e:  Here's another example of what I mean.  Google is powering its searches with an AI assistant to return nothing but shit posts.  It consumes roughly 10x the amount of electricity as a traditional google search, that used to work, would have. 




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  5. On 6/22/2024 at 8:24 AM, LUGR said:

    Sure it was a pretty funny video…..but people taking this shit a bit far, does the world really need authorized merchandise of this chick spitting on dicks……?




    What is the internet for these days if not trying to cash in on a viral moment. 

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  6. I should clarify a bit.  I listened to Balaji talk (for way too fucking long) with Lex Fridman.  The things he thinks (and I believe this is a wider view especially among the silicon valley tech bros) "AI" is capable of is out to lunch.  These guys honestly think we're on the brink of an Artificial General Intelligence singularity(think the computer from Star Trek etc) - all these guys have done is make very comprehensive predictive text generators that manage to consume excessive amounts of electricity and water.  This is all problematic just from an environmental POV and doesn't even take into account the ethical implications that all of these LLMs and image generators have been and are being trained on stolen IP.  This is the greatest heist in human history IMO, just countless people's work being ripped off and exploited for the express purpose of eventually putting them out of work.


    I saw a tweet a while ago that said something to the effect of AI was supposed to take the mundanity out of life, doing the mindless tasks we hate to give us time to focus on our creative ventures that we want to do.  These tech bros who've never spent any time in the humanities think its going to write better stories or make better art because they can't conceive of the idea that those things require actually being a human.


    e:  One more thing to add.  The Sam Altman's and the Balaji's aren't admitting that their models suck, make things up, and have slowly enshittified the entire internet to the point that search engines are becoming unusable.

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