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  1. loving stuks' stuff. morf got some ill throw ups.
  2. Re: Iran requires badges for Jews and Christians Whoa! Thats really messed up and backwords thinking.
  3. shes really not very interesting in anyway.
  4. It hailed here on Wednesday - I stuck my head out the window loooking at it and got smacked in the side of the head with a large piece. I guess you could say I was asking for it by doing a dumb shit thing like that.
  5. i just got back from miami and didn't even realize you guys had a train line like you all do. do those cleans get hit? i saw stuff along the lines here and there - but was wondering if anyone has flicks of that transit getting hit?
  6. stay in skool holmes. thats awfully bad.
  7. such a nice spot should be painted better. can't even see half that stuff form the street.
  8. like that last mole skech and nice work on the jaztek - foodstamps
  9. nice, dig that fuse. fuck rollerbladders.
  10. i can't believe benchers can have beef. isn't it just benching?
  11. bates is just ridiculously good. great fucking letters, color schemez..etc..etc..
  12. ps. looks like fun to me! shit, free stuff, why not!
  13. The people who say that "its selling out" blah blah blah - are the same people who probably bought mark echos "getting up".
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