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  1. whats the conversion rate for the HQ? or the other pad? how many us dollars is that?
  2. haha. i'm on right now with spitfire. i'm checking the HQ.
  3. where you all at? i'm Mitch Rote.
  4. funniest things on the last page include: "i'm the admin of this pussy" "shot eveyrone in the face" and... "i just got two dicks in my face"
  5. awesome. is that chevvy chase in the first pic?
  6. ok so i can't go on this at work for whatever reason - but i was reading the forums and found that people are in fact "tagging" in SL. Check these pics I found. shit is so gay!
  7. that story of buying a big dick and running around is making me laugh in my cubical. where are all you people on there? i was checking it out yesterday and was bored. i didn't know you could get this kind of action.. those pics of the blow job are hilarious. i beg for more screeen shots!!!!!!
  8. ok i went on this yesterday and had no clue what i was doing. i wandered into some girls "house" and just started talking to her. it didn't make any sense. how do i get some of that "hot" action above? i'll try again later.
  9. classic land of the gangways...
  10. MitchThe$nitch


    anyone ever play - or still play unreal tournametn? 99 or 2004? great game! wait - is this what this thread is about?
  11. funniest line ever - "my dick, your ass, no lube"
  12. tv is only good for sporting events - ie; baseball, football - or whatever you like.
  13. i watch it everytime its on. funny every time.
  14. who cares what kind, save one from the shelter!
  15. you gotta like some mellow good shit from back in the day. favorites included - Miles Meada, Diz, Lego, old Farina etc.. Fuck Ravers though, and fuck all new house - its gone to hell. How about old Paul Johnson - "gonna beat that bitch with a bat" or other classic ghetto traxx like that one... other than that - fuk house!
  16. i lol'd at that correspondence between her and herself.
  17. i just asked myself why i'm looking at "sexy" pics of soccer players. i'm done with this thread now.
  18. fyi - it was her suprise bday party and i got totally loaded thus ruining her night.
  19. i walked up to my computer desk once grabbed the mouse and started clikin around and sutff and was pissinb on the floor while drunk. had no clue what happened until my girl told me the next day. sucks cleaning up piss from carpet and keyboards.
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