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  1. good work. not sure why, but good work. your town is quiet as fuck at night based on those pics. there was one car on the whole street!
  2. tell them they are so different and you want to know how to be different too. fuck emo fuckers
  3. Re: i drank 5 beers well i got a really high tolerance so 5 beers is really just nothing. i can do 12 no problem - and good beer - not shitty coors light. i'm stopping doing that because i'm to old for that shit now - but sadly its my reality.
  4. this is going to sound gey - but depeche mode in like 95 - i know they still tour a bit - but back then for some reason i wanted to go and never did.
  5. for once i have no commitments this weekend
  6. i don't know, but if i was retarted i'm sure i would want to smoke.
  7. 14 months clean and sober of big lady nicotine.
  8. dude int he background is steady cutting out hearts to put on the windows. hes concentrating so hard.
  9. it seems like eveyrone i know has some form of OCD 123 - peeeeeeeeee
  10. stay away from the head cheese and olive loaf and you'll be straight. don't be afraid to stop by dairy and down some whip cream n20
  11. soft pile of almost solidness. 8 sam adams fucks shit up. literally.
  12. i hate cats. but don't want them to break there legs. so - heres to no broken legs.
  13. you rule the rails artistic. too many god dam good flicks to even name my friend.
  14. I am on the waiting list for Chicago Bears Season Tickets. I went from 990 on the list to 440 in on year. Seems kind of strange, yet exciting. Anyone have any Season Tickets of any kind?
  15. much respect. one of my favorites.
  16. not as funny as the originals no doubt, but some are funny nonetheless.
  17. That son of bitch Bush was galavanting around the Chicago area this morning and stopped in for breakfast at a somewhat famous breakfast place. So the secret service shut down one block going east, west, north, and south. So I had to stand there while his stupid convoy drove by (i was doing the suttle middle finger as people were eaving like sheeps). So all in all I had to walk all the way aroud this territory they blocked off in order to get to my building. I was 30 minutes late though I think it went unnoticed- Bush sucks. All the while I was thinking about what I would say to him if he sat next to me while I was eating breakfast...
  18. when i was a smoker, i smoked within 24 hours of getting the teeth removed. you gotta "suck" that cancer stick gingerly though playboy or the stitches will open and flood the gates with sweet blood.
  19. you gotta battle them to send the msg. when they are sleeping turn your shit way up to ridiculous levels. its worked for me in the past...
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