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  1. Took a brief trip to Nashville to see some family heading back early. The mayor of Chicago announced while we were gone that anyone visiting hot spot stayed (TN is one of them) must quarantine for 14 days. For me not a big deal, I work from home anyway. My wife’s work called (she works in the medical field) and they know she’s out in TN and went her to use 2 more weeks of vacation to quarantine. Thus we’re cutting the trip short. 

    I honestly was apprehensive About coming out here anyway and being around people but went through with it. We haven’t gone anywhere or seen anyone besides the family we’re staying with so I think it’s relatively low risk. 


  2. Started to build a shed that will fit into my gangway (aka-space between my garage and fence) about 4 feet wide. I’m not a builder - never built anything actually. Got some tools and lumber and got started. More to do still.  Pictured - said gangway and noob tools. 



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