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  1. thats my boy! and ma crew, fuck yall!
  2. berf alot straights yes yes
  3. you're trying to dry snitch about things that are none of your business. get yours homey, dont worry about the next man.
  4. ...no water marks...what is this world a comming ta?
  5. not much but its something, sorta...
  6. get at me dude, i lost your number...
  7. big ol berf hollow, damn son!
  8. ah, why is it, that a bunch of wiggers from two cities cant just hug it out? bump berf while im here... and them enders, never really been a fan but you can see the progression and i like what im seeing.
  9. someone lined a matokie slaughter!? fucking christ...
  10. lil kids and cops all over this place, kinda sad...
  11. ill trade you some magic the gathering cards, and two friendship bracelets for the xbox case but you gotta give me $50 to call it even, sweet?
  12. yes they're biased, so if it aint here, i didnt flick it, sorry thats just how i do... both these spek cars were right next to each other...
  13. that brown on brown DELER is soo good!
  14. valler haus


    if any of yall know where i can get ahold of some old oceania's besides ebay, i would greatly appreciate it.
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