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  1. That Danzo actually looks good.
  2. Why do you have ssik in your signature if you're not Sik?
  3. Money... you're not the homie SIK. Get that off your signature.
  4. "Angel of death", I guess from your angle the arguement could be made that the slaves weren't really slaves because they were getting "payed" with food and shelter and if they did really well they get the added bonus of not being whipped, hung or shot. And maybe they can climb the corporate ladder to become a house nigger? Yeah... that sounds like something you'd say.:rolleyes:
  5. Are you serious? Is that if you're caught using it, or in general? Like if you get stopped for speeding and have a can in your whip are they gonna charge you with it?
  6. Texas. The United Police States of America.
  7. Re: Don't Call it Frisco Yeah, yeah... compared to this though???
  8. ^Or should I say "AVISO'S" STYLE!!!:biglaugh:
  9. Nigga please. I tried to help you make your shit more legible USEING YOUR STYLE. It was fucked to begin with because your whole style is fucked. I can write your name better than you off the top of my head, you practice that shit every day. And I'm a "retarded toy", what's your excuse?
  10. ...And this slop is??? :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: Way to go though... coming on here with a different screen name and all just to try and defend yourself.:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  11. Yeah I guess. Sorry that's all I could do with your bullshit throwie. I tried to do you a favor and help you out. I tried, but it was fucked to begin with. At least I made that shit legible. Try learning how to form your letters. Your "L" looks more like a hand putting up the middle finger or a retarded W. And I don't know what the fucks going on with your "O". Looks more like a retarded X or K. But I'm the retarded toy I guess.:haha:
  12. I know enough about graffiti to know that you don't do half your name in old english and the other half straightletter you fucking idiot. And this makes me sound like a cop? You kids crack me up.
  13. Hey jackass, I did it with a pen and it didn't show up when I flicked it so I went over it again with a sharpie. Moron.:haha:
  14. Yeah that must be it. That explains everything. But even though I'm an idiot I still figured out how your boy can improve his letters and be ledgible, and still keep his same style he was going for. Only took me about 4 tries, I'm sure he can improve on it with practice... Tell him he's welcome.
  15. How the hell you get an L or an O out of this?
  16. Oh trust me I do. That's my point.
  17. Re: Don't Call it Frisco I still don't see it. If that's what it's suppose to say then someone needs to take this nigga under their wing and teach them how to write in English.
  18. And what the hell is this suppose to say anyway?
  19. I wonder why the first half of this is old English and the other half isnt.
  20. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- Someone post flicks of my nigga Myne GPK!!! Where's he at???
  21. Niggas named Tyler...:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  22. My wisdom teeth never gave me too much shit coming in. I still have them. I chew my food with them.
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