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  1. im a real noob at "tagging" shit up.. i mainly just tag on the walls of my school and shit like that.. but seeing how you guys can make them amazing shit im like "Woah" ... TEACH ME! haha but i guessed it wouldnt be that easy =P i guess i just need paractice...
  2. im new to this tagging stuff.. i need help.. as you can see my work sucks.. i want some1 to help me by tagging it for me to see how cool it would look or just help me with a differnt tagger name in general.. i dont thin cane isnt a good tagger name but i cant think of anything else... please help
  3. Lets see the best tagger names youve heard of or seen in the "streets"... post yours if you want! :yuck:
  4. can any of you guys help me come up with a "tagger" name my name is carl sanchez..
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