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  1. This is some info from http://www.wendi.com. Inductions The induction is what creates relaxation of the body and mind. Relaxation is not hypnosis. Once the body is relaxed the mind can begin to focus on the state necessary to create trance. If you notice your client is moving the arms, hands or fingers, fidgeting a lot, you will need to work on some very active relaxation before inducing deeper states of trance. In most cases I like to start with an eye fixation and closure induction. I let the client make their eyes close as a result of overwhelming heaviness suggest that the moment they close that heavy wave of warmth will float down through their body and relax them even deeper. Most people will look forward to this moment and participate in the process of making their eyelids heavy and relaxed. Although there have been times when I am dealing with a very stubborn or resistant mind, and the eyes will not close. If this happens you can use the script for eyes open or closed, and change your language from direct suggestion, to a very permissive approach that puts all the responsibility on the client to make the trance happen and accept the suggestions …or not. I have done entire sessions with the client keeping his eyes open, in spite of the obvious overwhelming fatigue in their eyelids. I continue with the session and say, "you will know when it feels like the right time to let your eyes close… if it doesn't feel right for you, then that is fine too. It is your choice." Sometimes, you are not responsible for their ability to go into trance. If they need to feel that they are in control by not responding to suggestions, then they will get to experience it their way. Once the eyes have closed I will begin to use an induction that is most specific to their needs. If they are hyper aware, anxious or analytical, I will overload their mind with information, talk quickly and match the rate at which their mind is working. Once I am in rapport with their mind, then I will slow down the pace and relax my voice. Clients who fall asleep easily will go into trance quickly, and the challenge is often to keep them from going to sleep. In this case I will make the induction interactive, meaning I will ask for responses from them frequently. The response could be to lift a finger when they are at the door, or to nod when they are aware of the buttons on the elevator, or to touch their arm or hand frequently to keep their awareness on my presence. Clients who relax easily, or fall asleep easily need an induction that keeps them curious and their mind active. Once they are in a light state of trance you start your therapy process. If you continue with too long of an induction, you will put them to sleep, and this is NOT hypnosis, and can result in a very expensive nap. CIRCULAR BREATHING Notice a spot on the ceiling or wall and let all of your awareness be on that single spot for a moment. As you breathe and begin to relax you may notice that your awareness of the spot changes…. The way it looks, the texture, the way the light touches it, the shadows, and many interesting things about the littlest details of that spot. Now you may have noticed that as you are focusing on that spot your body is relaxing a little bit more, and you may already be aware of how heavy your arms and legs have become. Maybe you noticed most of all, that your breathing has slowed down, becoming very slow, easy and comfortable. As your breathing becomes even more relaxed, your body will begin to feel more relaxed and the next thing you may notice is how heavy your arms are right now. It might just seem that the more you focus on your arms the more relaxed they become, and the heavier they feel. Now, continue to notice the spot, and continue to notice how heavy your arms are and now also notice how relaxed your breathing has become. So soft and gentle and so easy, that it almost begins to feel as if each breath in… naturally leads to the next breath out, and that breath out easily leads to the next breath in. Each breath in… naturally leads to the next breath out, and that breath out… easily leads to the next breath in. It may begin to feel as if your breath is becoming more of a circle of breath… as each breath in… leads gently to the next breath out… and that breath out… easily leads to the next breath in. Now notice how naturally that happens for you, beginning to feel as if your breath is a continuous, relaxing circle…. The more you breathe, the more relaxed your body becomes and your eyes may become so heavy and tired that you will find it harder and harder to keep them open. When your eyes get too heavy to keep open, you can just let them close… relaxing your eyelids even more… and letting that heaviness travel into all the muscles of your face. You may already be thinking about how good that will feel… when that wave of relaxation and heaviness floats down through your face like a warm wave. So you can decide for yourself just how relaxed and tired your eyes are becoming… and how good it will feel when they really are too heavy to keep open. Now notice that circle of breath even more…like it has a flow of energy all it's own. Easy, gentle, peaceful continuous, absolutely no effort from you. Just a beautiful…easy… circle of breath. Begin to notice yourself inside of this energy, inside of this circle of breath, feeling the gentle movement… the color…the sensations… the deeply relaxing sensation… and let your mind be totally immersed in the freely moving circle of your breath. Floating… freely… flowing with the soft, serene, space of your breath. Now you can really let yourself go deeper inside… to your place of wisdom… where you have all the knowledge and wisdom to find the answers you need, and to understand what your inner mind would like you to know. Perhaps you noticed that you are already in this place of wisdom… already at this place within your inner mind, where your awareness is heightened, your inner resources so alive and so ready to discover what you are looking for. As you hear my voice… allow my voice to find it's way into your inner mind, to that place where you already know how to create what you desire. Let my voice relax you deeper with each word, each word finding it's way into your inner mind to that place where you are ready to make these changes now. (continue by deepening, or if client is in a good state of trance, with direct suggestion or imagery or future self work) CREATING SUGGESTIONS A person will not be hypnotized against their will. They can reject anything you suggest. But sometimes they don't know they can reject it, or the offer is just too irresistible! So at times the suggestion can have an effect because the person worries that it will have an effect. Or it may have an effect because they want it to have an effect. You might suggest: Every time you touch your keys, your have a desire to _____ and it becomes greater and every time you hear your keys jingle… your desire for _____ grows and becomes stronger, and you find that you can think of nothing else. The more you try to think of something else… the more your mind comes back to ______ … and the confidence you feel… and you want and allow this to happen. Now, your subject has a choice of not accepting that suggestion, but the worry it creates for them about how they will respond when they touch their keys, will feed the suggestion over and over to their mind. What you resist persists. The thing is that you already have been hypnotised and are not in control of your own life. Neither is anyone else. It's something you can't not afford to do.
  2. It involves hypnosis. It's based on the subconcense and how it works. Your mind controls most things from your understanding of colour, linework, smoothness of your hand, the way images connect together, your imagination, your memory. It involves programming your mind to do what you want it to. Here's how. You have 4 different brainwaves which are... Beta. You get these when you are actively doing something, when you're aware. Like looking at Graff. Alpha. When you're thinking. Higher Theta. When you're daydreaming. Lower Theta. When you're daydreaming but at this level you can place commands in. Inbetween. When you're aware of what you're dreaming about. Place commands Higher Delta. When you're asleep dreaming. Place commands Lower Delta. When you're asleep. No dreams. When you are about to go to sleep you start of at either Beta or Alpha and then as you fall asleep you descend to lower Delta. With practice you will be able to lengthen the time you spend between lower theta and higher delta. At these points use a tape recorder with positive commands in to improve yourself. Trust me it works. A complete novice can look at a someone else's tags and copy them perfectly virtually overnight. Unethical yeah but possible. You can put in commands that will help you see and understand the mechanics behind the tag and help you improve your own. Now the catch, you know it was coming. You've already been hypnotised at birth by your mother who in turn was hypnotised by hers and so on. You are carrying the commands in your head that you will hypnotise them with. They are not all good and the whole loss of personal freedoms thing. Get rid of them and all the other negative commands that could have been placed in you from compulsive lieing to loss of vision, skin rashes/dis-colouration, weight problems, learning difficulties, facial expressions, emotions, nerves, confidence, limps, hair loss/growth. Basically most things. Seriously. Useing music may help you get to the correct zones. Check out stuff on binaural beats.
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