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  1. reyes norm i think. is pysa still doin alot? not seen any new fliks
  2. gauze

    On my travels

    Some shit from my trip to Berlin at the start of the summer...
  3. anyone got flicks of any new pysa stuff/
  4. mon the c.ronlado!!!!!!!!
  5. gauze

    Uk Freights

    personally i rekon theres more people who would be happy with seeing a photo of their pannel running in day light than people pissed off that their shits on the internet
  6. gauze

    Uk Freights

    looking good want, did u happen to get any more flix of this car^^^
  7. gauze

    Uk Freights

    want mc, did u happen to get any more fliks from that mongo train? I had a gold 'on edge' on it I think, pretty shit but I wouldn't mind seeing a flik.cheers. good to see your catching some edinburgh stuff down there.
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