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  1. Another 30 days until I can plant my Japanese Red Maple seeds! :) I've planted a small Weeping Willow I've found and i'll post pics soon. Keep this thread going!
  2. Hey guys, I'm starting some Japanese Red Maple's (Bloodgood), any advice? (I'm starting them from seeds I bought). I've chopped up a few things from living plants for organic material to enrich the soil and smashed a few Terracotta pots into small bits to help the soil drain.
  3. Person above has a big head, NIGGA!
  4. False. Can't cook worth a shit. The person below me is not yet plugged into the Matrix, but is ready to enter.
  5. False. Could you imagine? The person below me looks behind both shoulders before telling a black joke.
  6. True... 1 am damnit... The person below me has a gnarly-drunk-tattoo story.
  7. The person above me isn't coherent enough to play the game. True. (meant to be above Overtime). True on the hottub. The person below me paints canvases.
  8. False. The person below me wishes Mitch Hedberg was still alive.
  9. False. Friut Smoothies suck. The person below me has seen Rashomon.
  10. Affirmative Captain. The person below me wears tight pants on a regular basis.
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