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  1. prediction for the future: ill be saying to your girl "baby enough is enough i aint no love machine" this is shortly after the love machine has broken down from over use
  2. this looks like some resident evil shit Quoted post seriously now what the fuckk is thissss :shook: Quoted post [/b] yo dawg thats my pet chicken when he died we flushed him down the toilet we live near a nuclear power plant sorry for the misunderstanding
  3. takes the cake right jeahhh MOTHA FUCKING PAGE 2 FUCK BITCH ASS CUNT SHIT KNUCKLE SHUFFLE PHALANGES STANK VAGINA PUNCH FLAPS DICK NUT TAINT VOMIT SPITOON Quoted post [/b] man thats my grrrrrrl dawg i fuck her so hard all the time limp bizkit
  4. sorry if this is already a thread i know we all love graffiti and gettin up an shit but what are some of your dreams for the future concerning graffiti. i would like to open up some sort of club for promoting live music and graffiti what are some of your dreams cuz i know we all got em suckazzzzz
  5. there was a car comin in the street and i said "lets cross" now i have no friends
  6. i like trance and shit but glowstick shit is pretty gay
  7. make ye own reeses peanut butter cups 1.chocolate syrup 2.peanut butter 3.sugar 4. mix that shit together and freeze it good as a matis yahu jewboy
  8. sorry if this was once a thread i got a shitload of nearly cashed cans and am wondering if theres a good way to harvest the paint inside my friend once told me about a cap that could mix cans but i am yet to see such product if you know of any way please let me know and if this was already a thread could you direct me to the thread? thanks mucho
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