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  1. hit the airport got the TSA shakedown for the Southern Supreme fruit cake I am packing now my flight got cancelled and I am singing the blues
  2. morton


    Been debating getting one of these for years, now I waited too long and they changed the design and put their logo on the side. Oh well, 60 bucks for a hat that would get like three uses every five years saved I guess.
  3. Been a fair minute since I took an open air shit.
  4. morton

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    waiting for some takeout, how is it okay for a room to be this bright.
  5. I had a Mexican buddy who played a community pool lottery, I think it was monthly, maybe weekly. Everyone would pitch in 50 bucks and the winner would be determined with a name in a hat type method. He won a couple times during our friendship with a pot of around 3 grand. There were some other rules where a person could buy more than one ticket but the base ticket was built on the agreement that you would play for a year or something. I could get down with something like that, and occasionally get a scratch ticket, which some states now do online, but have never purchased a real lotto ticket.
  6. I do not mind people smoking. The vaping thing looks douchey but whatever. I believe in personal freedom, and endeavor to not judge others, sometimes easier said than done.
  7. I am not buying a ticket. Of one of you guys win hook me up with a little trust so i can retire.
  8. I think you should start over and provide names and source info. test your research skills and provide a more robust thread
  9. is the tattoo Arabic, hand style, or elvish?
  10. does anyone have any ideas for where and how to browse on the world wide web? I used to know how and where to go but now I do not. I think social killed the forums and monetization killed search and together they killed the Internet. seriously, anybody got some url's?
  11. I am still getting after it, couple weeks of for vacations lately but back at it. How is everyone doing with their routines and goals?
  12. A can of Spanish tuna with hunks of baguette. NH
  13. Dear Noes, you are the one that can change, the likelihood of it passing without action is quite low indeed.
  14. them bulbs are weak sauce, you gotta get the new syringe with the tri-flow attachment.
  15. Back in the day if someone had a bunch of tattoos a person would be justified in considering the possibility that they were a bad ass of some sort. Now that everyone has tattoos, often in abundance, I find it much less of a consideration, although a good game or prison tattoo still pops.
  16. Fun size is actually the lowest price per ounce of grocery store Snickers bars according to my memory of analysis performed during the 2008 recession. Now my lunchtime dessert is Rittersport, make it rain emoji.
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