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Fat Backwood

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  1. no problem. oh yeah and someone already writes GEN2, so you should change your name before you get too attached to it.
  2. swear you fools are actually arguing about what type of women you prefer over the internet. and i'm sure all of you would beat those on vida guerra and the one with fat cakes as well.
  3. gen: the top right sticker is by far the best. you should try and keep your letters a more consistent size, and on a straight plane. like this: _______________ G E N ------------------
  4. dont blow up the recipe. or else everybody and their mother will be fuckin with it
  5. call me crazy but i never really felt the neon colors
  6. im doin pimp thangs, dre shit so cool/ with a coug nut bay shit, old school/ iceburg down dipped in butterrr/ if this hutch comes short ima have to hurt her/ slice her thin as bacon/ dont get paid if her ass aint shakin/ pimp cousin represent the title/ when im done with the hutch she's suicidal
  7. those are some of the hooptiest pants. you a fool for rockin those
  8. i got caught in frisco and the cops lied in the police report. it went to traffic court and i got 96 hours of service and my license suspended for 6 months. its nothing to a young boss oh yea and just deny everything of course
  9. naw i'm cool off it. the ink works, believe it.
  10. some of the red shit turned out like this:
  11. Fat Backwood


    dont write fare.. or fares either. fool shits on you, so switch it up.
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